Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Aggie Mobile Program - Unlimited Possibilities (AMP-UP)? Scan the FAQ below for answers.

  1. What is the goal of AMP-UP? N.C. A&T intends AMP-UP to improve the academic performance of students during their first year in school by unleashing technology-aided creativity and teaching and learning innovation. That will not only ensure more first-year students persist into their sophomore years, but that their path toward graduation is enhanced. 
  2. How will students be chosen to participate in AMP-UP? All first-year, first-time, degree-seeking students at N.C. A&T will be eligible to participate in AMP-UP. Because AMP-UP is designed to foster student retention, only those first-year students are eligible.
  3. How will faculty participants be chosen? Faculty participants, for the most part, are faculty who teach first-year students. Other faculty may apply to participate or participate through one of the special AMP-UP projects being undertaken to improve first-year teaching and learning.
  4. Do participants get to keep the Apple technology they use in AMP-UP? As long as they are students or faculty at North Carolina A&T, yes. Students who graduate on time and in good standing may keep the technology after graduation. For students who take longer to graduate, a fee may be charged to retain the equipment. The technology must be relinquised to the university upon separation from employment or cessation of studies at A&T without graduation.