Student Affairs Outstanding Employee Awards Criteria

The award is granted to any permanent full-time SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees in the Division of Student Affairs whose performance routinely exemplifies the following qualities:

A cooperative or coordinated effort on part of the group and acting together to fulfill the objectives and goals of the team. 
  • Demonstrates a spirit of teamwork and cooperation and treats others with respect. Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic, and cheerful manner.
  • Meets departmental or division objectives by assisting peers or subordinates, sharing knowledge, and stimulating collaboration and a positive work environment for accomplishing tasks. Sustains a high level of productivity and consistent quality of work. 

The act of pledging, acting, or engaging oneself for the welfare of the team and setting a positive example for others. 
  • Devoted to the pursuit of team goals and objectives and provides services, which are outside the scope of the job. Displays exceptional dependability. 
  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties beyond what is normally expected. Exhibits commitment to servicing. 

The ability to act with authoritativeness and control in any situation. 
  • Exhibits interest and concern for other team members and team objectives. Maintains, demonstrates, and exhibits effective relationships with others. 
  • Displays outstanding qualities through teamwork, promoting cooperation, and a productive work environment. 

Refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that the nominee shows towards student educational success. 

The recipient of this award has a strong knowledge and understanding of the Division of Student Affair's mission, vision, policies, and procedures and is prepared to address student’s and customers' concerns, proficiently determining the best solution and quickly follows through for a positive result. The recipient must also exhibit courtesy and professionalism while interacting with students and customers.

Additional Award Information

  • Five (SHRA) Awards Annually
  • Two (EHRA) Awards Annually

  • All employees are eligible to nominate individuals during the announced period. All permanent full-time SHRA and EHRA employees are eligible for nomination.
  • Self-nominations are prohibited.
  • The employee must not have any current or pending disciplinary actions within the past 12 months.
  • Award recipients are not eligible for two years after receiving an award.

  • $300 Cash Award (Taxable)
  • Awards Plaque
  • Recognition during the Division’s Retreat
  • Recognition on the Division’s website

  • Complete the online nomination form in Qualtrics at Nomination Form by COB April 14, 2023.  Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • The committee chair will contact each nominee's manager for his or her approval of the nomination.
  • Nominations are reviewed and scored by the Awards Committee.  All committee decisions are final.
  • The nominations will remain confidential until the selections are approved.
  • The employee must exhibit all selection criteria to be considered as a nominee for an award.
  • The committee will retain nomination documents.
  • Student Affairs Outstanding Employee Performance Award Committee members are eligible to be nominated.
  • Previous award winners are not eligible within two years from receipt of the last award.

  • Chantal Fleming (EHRA) - TRiO Programs
  • Robert Doolittle (EHRA) - Student Health Center
  • Michael Eccles (SHRA) - Office of Intercultural Engagement
  • Michael Boykin (SHRA) - Student Center
  • Patricia Yandle (SHRA) - Educational Talent Search
  • Veronica Hairston (SHRA) - Student Activities
  • Brandy Baldwin (SHRA) - Student Health Center
Nomination Form