Tuition Pay Monthly Payment Plan

Tuition Pay Monthly Payment Plan

North Carolina A&T State University is pleased to present our Tuition Pay Plan! This plan is an affordable, interest-free alternative to paying your tuition and other campus expenses in full prior to each term.

Enroll in this payment plan and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Interest Free Payment Option
  • No Credit Check
  • More Time To Pay – make tuition more manageable by paying in monthly installments
  • Flexible Payment Options

The Tuition Pay Plan is a real time plan based on current charges. The student must be registered and a bill generated to be able to enroll in the payment plan. PLEASE NOTE: The plans may not be used for books, parking permits, or prior term charges.

 Payment Plan Enrollment Dates Spring 2024

  • 5 Month Payment Plan- Begins December 6th- December 31st 

      $40 enrollment fee, plus 1st payment due at enrollment 

  • 4 Month Payment Plan- Begins December 6th - December 31st

      $40 enrollment fee, plus 1st payment due on January 1st

  • 4 Month Payment Plan Late Enrollment- Begins January 1st - January 22nd

      $45 enrollment fee, plus 1st payment due at enrollment.


 PLEASE NOTE: You must sign into the Online Payment System and select the correct option for payment plan in order to enroll into the payment plan.

Monthly Payment Amounts

The amount of your payments depends on the balance of your student account at the time you enroll in the plan. The balance on the account will be divided evenly between the number of months within the plan. For example, a student enrolled in a 5 Month Payment Plan that has a $500 balance will pay $100 a month for 5 months.

Payment Plan Important Facts

  • Any individual other than the student must be setup as an authorized user through Aggie Access to be able to setup a payment plan.
  • There is a 2.85% convenience fee for payments submitted by credit/debit card. Payments made by electronic check are not assessed a convenience fee.
  • Payments must be submitted each month by the payee of the payment plan. The university will not automatically draft funds on the scheduled due dates.
  • Late fees are assessed for any payments received 10 days after the due date.
  • Electronic billing statements (E-Bill) from the University will be sent until the plan is complete or the balance is paid in full.
  • Any payments received after the due date or left unpaid will generate a Past Due Balance Hold on the student account until the payments are up to date. The student will not be able to see grades, order a transcript, or register for the next semester while the Hold is on the account.