Electronic Bills

North Carolina A&T State University will provide billing statements electronically through its online payment system. Students and Authorized Users will receive an email notification each time that a new billing statement is available. Payment must be submitted by the scheduled due date to avoid cancellation of classes.

Your Current Statement

The E-Bill statement will only reflect charges and credits applied to a student's account as of the Bill Date. If additional charges are incurred, review your student account (Aggie Access) to ensure that the balance is paid by the scheduled due date.

Authorized Users

To grant a parent, third party, or another individual access to view your E-Bill, select the Authorized User tab in the Online Student Payment portal and enter in their email address. Authorized Users only have access to billing information and payment history, and will not have access to grades, GPA, or other registration information.

What is E-Bill?

E-Bill is the short term for electronic billing. It is the electronic delivery of the University billing statement.

Why is North Carolina A&T State University sending E-Bills now?

Paperless billing and online payments are considered environmentally friendly as it reduces costs by eliminating the use of paper by the University. This delivery method saves money on postage and envelopes and also eliminates the wait time for mail delivery. E-Billing will allow you to access your bill, review your billing history and make payments online.

How do I access my E-Bill?

An E-Bill notification will be sent to your NCAT email address. The subject line of the email notification will read: New Billing Statement Issued.

  • Click on the link provided in the email
  • Enter: One ID
  • Enter: Password
  • Click on the E-Bill tab


  • Go to: www.ncat.edu
  • Select Menu
  • Select: Current Students
  • Select: Online Payments (students)
  • Enter: One ID
  • Enter: Password
  • Select: Login Now
  • Select: E-Bills

How will I know when my E-Bill is available?

An E-Bill notification will be sent to your NCAT email address. It is your responsibility to regularly check your NCAT email account for E-Billing notifications.

Can I give access to my E-Bill and student account to my parents or other individuals?

Yes. Parents and other bill payers can be set up as Authorized Users which will grant them access to view your bill, make payments, and review payment history.

What is an Authorized User?

An Authorized User is someone who you have given permission to access your student account, view your bill, and make online payments. This does not include access to your grades, GPA, or email account.

How will an Authorized User(s) know when an E-Bill is available?

Authorized Users on your account will receive an email notification to the email address that they provide to the student. Other bill payers can add themselves as authorized users if the student’s Banner Identification number and PIN are known.

How can I add an Authorized User to my account?

To add an Authorized User to your account follow the steps below:

  • Go to: www.ncat.edu
  • Select: Menu
  • Select: Current Students
  • Select: Online Payments (student)
  • Enter: One ID
  • Enter: Password
  • Select: Login Now
  • Select: Authorized Users
  • Select: Add an Authorized User
  • Enter: E-mail Address of the Authorized User
  • Select: Add User
  • Check: I Agree
  • Select: Continue