Book Allowance/Parking Permit

You must have a credit balance after all tuition, fees, housing and meal plans (if applicable) are paid in order to request a book allowance or parking permit. 


Please read the following important information before making your request:

  1. In order to receive a book allowance/parking permit you must have a credit or excess money on your student account.
  2. For example, if your total bill for school comes to $5,000.00, but you are receiving $5,500.00 in financial aid, your expected refund would be $500.00.  This is the amount that can be requested for use of a book allowance and/or parking permit.
  3. The maximum amount any student can receive for a book allowance is $800.00 (if there is $800.00 of credit available).  Any amount between $5 and $800.00 may be used for a book allowance. 
  4. Book allowances may be requested in increments.  For example, a request may be made for $300.00 and another request made for $500.00.  These increments are available until the $800.00 maximum is reached. 
  5. Only one parking permit may be purchased per student.
  6. Freshman students are not permitted to purchase a parking permit online.
  7. The purchase will immediately show on your account. 
  8. The credit will appear on your AggieOne card approximately one hour after your request.
  9. Once a book allowance and/or parking permit are requested it cannot be reversed.

To request a book allowance or parking permit, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Select: Menu
  3. Click on Current Students
  4. Select Aggie Access Online
  5. Click on Web for Students
  6. Click on Enter Secure Area
  7. Enter your One ID and Password
  8. Click on Student
  9. Click on Student Account
  10. Click on Book Allowance and Parking Permit Request Page (When you come to the next page it will show the amount of credit you have available to request a book allowance and/or parking permit.  If you have no credit balance with which to make a request, it will also be indicated on this page.) 
  11. If there is a credit amount on your account and you would like to request a book allowance and/or parking permit go to the bottom of the page and check yes.  This will take you to the next page where you can make the request.
  12. Follow the instructions on this page to make the desired requests.  Please read the confirmation statement carefully before completing the request.  Once you authorize the request, it cannot be reversed.