Internal Salary Authorization Procedures Manual

Because of the critical nature of the employment process, it is imperative that it be carried out expeditiously and efficiently. It is in that regard that this Procedures Manual has been prepared for your individual office use as you complete the Internal Salary Authorization Form. Please use this manual as it provides clear and concise instructions that will be beneficial to all who must complete this form. However, as you use the manual, if you still have problems please feel free to contact The Office of EHRA Academic Budget And Personnel at 336-334-7967.

Sharon G. Neal

Associate Vice Provost

  • Date Form Prepared – (month, day and year)
  • Name of School, College or Division within the University
  • Department Name within the School, College, or Division
  • Contact Name & Phone Number
  • Contact E-Mail
  • Type of Action - indicate whether form is new or revised (Select from drop-down menu)
  • Description of Pending Action (Choose item from drop-down menu)
  • Effective Date of Action - Date employee is to report to work
  • Assignment End Date - Date assignment or employment is to end
  • Separation Reason (if applicable)* 
    • Last Work Date – Last date employee is on the job, if applicable

      (*If separation, a letter of separation from the department head must accompany this form.)

  • Employee’s Last Name
  • Employee’s First Name
  • Employee’s Middle Initial
  • Employee’s Contract Period
    • Exact number of months employee is to work. For permanent employees, the contract period must be 9, 10 or 12 months. For temporary employees, the contract period should reflect the number of months to be worked per semester.
  • Employee’s Salary
    • The employee’s salary based on the contract period. Do not use decimals or cents, always round to the nearest dollar.
  • Employee’s Banner ID#
    • This number is provided by the Division of Human Resources.
  • Employee’s Position #
    • Approved position # that corresponds with the individual’s job posting.
  • Employee’s FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)
    • The FTE value assigned to the individual in the position, usually 1.0 for full-time. To compute the FTE value for part-time individuals, divide the employee salary that you plan to pay the individual by the budgeted salary for the          position. 
  • Employee’s Hours worked per week
    • Exact number of hours per week employee will work
  • Employee’s Working Title


Employee Appointment Type (Choose item from drop-down menu):

  • EXFT - Permanent full-time employees (State funds; eligible for benefits) 
  •  EXPT – Permanent part-time employee (Employees in permanent positions who work at least 30 hours per week for nine or more months in a calendar year; eligible for fringe benefits)
  •  EXTMFT – Temporary Full-time (Not eligible for fringe benefits)
  •  EXTMPT – Temporary Part-time (Not eligible for fringe benefits)
  •  EXTLP – Time Limited Appointment (Non-state funds; permanent full-time for as long as funds are available; eligible for benefits)

Use this section only when a permanent position is being filled with a permanent employee at a lesser salary than the budgeted amount, or when the title is different, or when a permanent position is being filled with part-time individual(s).  Do not use this section when completing a separation form or when using non-state funding.

  • Position’s Classification Title
    • Actual title of the position
  • Position’s Contract Period
    • Contract period of the position as budgeted (9, 10, or 12 months)
  • Position’s Budgeted Salary
    • The budgeted salary of the position

  • Budget Code for each funding source (Choose from drop-down menu):
    • 16070=State
    • 06070=Non-State
  • Fund Code for each funding source
    • Six-digit department fund code from the Chart of Accounts; for non-state funds, fund code may be obtained from Contracts & Grants
  • Account Code for each funding source (Choose from drop-down menu):
    • 61110 = Non-teaching
    • 61118 = Summer Employment for Faculty
    • 61310 = Teaching 
  • Program Code for each funding source
    • (Three-digit department program code from the Chart of Accounts; for non-state funds, program code may be obtained from Contracts & Grants)
  • Source of Funds (Choose item from drop-down menu):
    • Grant 
    • Receipt
    • State
    • Gifts
    • Overhead
    • Foundation
  • Date Funds End – (For non-state funds only) Expiration date of grant. Employment end date cannot exceed the date of grant expiration.
  • Salary
    • The total salary must equal the salary shown in Section II: Employee Salary. To compute the total salary (once all salary amounts have been entered into the salary column), right click in the total salary block and click update field.  The total salary will appear.  (Note:  If you make a mistake, do not hit the delete key, use the “undo” arrow instead.)   

  • For Summer Employment Only
    • Summer employment compensation will be based on time worked and rate of pay.  However, the principal investigator or project director can limit the amount payable from any or all grants by entering maximum amounts in this column.  THIS APPLIES TO SUMMER EMPLOYMENT ONLY.

    • The summer employment grant encumbrance is to be entered in this column only by the Office of Contracts and Grants. 

  • DHR Use Only – (For Division of Human Resources use only)

This section is reserved for funding personnel approvals only:

  • Budget & Planning
  • Contracts and Grants
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Foundation/Gifts/Endowment   

This section is reserved for the Office of EHRA Academic Budget And Personnel only.

  • New Assignment – used when temporary faculty who are currently assigned to a job are asked to take on an another assignment within the same semester.
  • Reappointment – used for returning temporary faculty.
  • Special Payment – an infrequent, sporadic payment beyond the base pay of a permanent faculty or staff for activities that include, but not limited to, conducting seminars, workshops, training, and teaching in areas other than their home department. These temporary assignments are less than one year in duration. All special payments must include a letter of justification addressed to the Provost.
  • Continuation – used when one fund ends and another fund is used to continue employment without a break in service (usually in the case of grant funds).
  • Summer Employment – is exclusively for 9 month faculty and includes all work performed in the areas of Sponsored Programs (i.e., contracts, subcontracts, and grants). The designated period maximizes summer employment without exceeding the 3 months compensation limit. All summer employment ISAFs must include the Summer Employment Calculator completed by the department.

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