Electronic research Administration system

The electronic Research Administration Management System & eSubmission system (RAMSeS) is used for approving, submitting and managing research proposals. All research proposals must be approved by the appropriate Department Chair and Dean through RAMSeS before DORED can submit the proposal on behalf of the University. Any proposal submitted to any entity outside of these procedures will not be considered an official proposal submitted on behalf of the University and as such, imposes no responsibilities or encumbrances on the University.

  • RAMSeS
  • Ramses "help" user manual

N.C. A&T's version of the system is called RAMSeS@NCAT and is administered by the Division of Research and Economic Development. The system is housed on a server at UNC-Chapel Hill and has three back-up servers. Electronic backups are done hourly to ensure the safety of the data.

New researchers can gain access to the system by filling out the Ramses registration form and emailing it to lhan@ncat.edu  and copy divofres@ncat.edu.

End-to-End System

RAMSeS is a “cradle-to-grave” research proposal and award management system from pre-award (creation, electronic routing and approval of proposals and Principal Investigator certification) through post-award (account set-up and award management). It also serves as a data repository with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Principal investigators (PIs) submit proposals to the Office of Sponsored Programs through RAMSeS, which allows the office to retain an electronic copy of all documents associated with proposals and awards. The system also allows the PI to post drafts of the proposal and budget for review by Research Services.

Notices of Intent should be completed and emailed to the RAMSeS mailbox.

Entirely Electronic Routing

The Internal Processing form will be routed and approved electronically. PIs should complete the Start New Proposal screen. When you save this, the system will automatically generate your proposal number. Your solicitation, proposal, budget, budget justification, letters of support and other documents can be uploaded in the Attachments section within the system. Departmental and School/College approvals are routed electronically. Only members of the Research Team can see the proposal.

Proposals should be submitted for review and approval by the chair and dean at least three days before the sponsor’s required submission date.

The Division of Research offers training sessions for Principal Investigators and approval training sessions for chairs and deans. Individual and small group sessions are available. Please call our office at (336)334-7995 to schedule a session or send an email to Liwen Han.

The system was developed by the Office of Research Information Systems at UNC-CH and is being implemented across the University of North Carolina system.