MFA Registration Steps

Prerequisites Before Registering MFA

  • Read the MFA frequently asked questions (FAQs) document.
  • Decide which primary method you’re going to register. Base your decision on the primary method that fits best with your routine job duties. For example, if you’re frequently on your office phone with customers and you have to log into an application, specifying your office phone number for the phone call method will require you to put the customer temporarily on hold because the MFA phone method will call your office phone. This may not be the best primary method for you.
  • Read this document in its entirety.
  • Make sure that you are present with the primary method that you are going to register for MFA; you will not be able to complete the registration process without it.


Begin the Registration Process

  • 1 . Go to the MFA User Portal and login using your OneID username (without and password. You will then see the User Setup screen pictured below. There are three different primary MFA methods available and one secondary MFA method. Please choose your preferred primary method and enter the required information. The Division of Information Technology Services (ITS) isn’t responsible for any cost incurred associated with MFA notification to a mobile device. 
    The first primary method option is via text message. You will need to enter your mobile number that has text/SMS capability. After successfully authenticating, the system will send a passcode to your mobile phone and you will need to enter that into the verification screen.

  • The second primary method option is using the Microsoft Authenticator app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have added your account to the App, you can generate a code for verification of identity. Never share your MFA code with anyone.

  • The third primary method option is Phone call. You can enter a primary number and backup number. Upon entering the correct password, the system will call your primary phone number and require you to press the # key to confirm that it’s you. (Note: The number that you will receive a call from isn’t listed for security reasons.)


2 . Once you have chosen your primary method for authentication, you will be prompted to choose security questions and answers for your secondary method of authentication. It's recommended to use a combination of special characters, upper case letters, and lower case letters when creating responses for security questions. NEVER share your answers with anyone. Press Continue once you have completed this step.

3. You are now registered for MFA.