Information Security Technology Training

A key component of the Information Security Program is training end-users on their roles and responsibilities on how to properly secure information resources. Information resources are information owned or processed by the university, or related to the business of the university, regardless of form or location, and the hardware and software resources used to electronically store, process or transmit that information. Information resources include data, software and physical assets. 

As part of the university's effort to protect information resources and to manage the risks associated with those resources, employees will have to complete mandatory information security training on an annual basis.  End-users will access the online KnowBe4 eTraining portal to complete training. Employees have to complete the general training courses within 30 business days of being notified about the training.  

Each member of the N.C. A&T community has a responsibility to help safeguard the university's information resources.  This training will better equip each member to fulfill this responsibility.  Remember that YOU are KEY to INFORMATION SECURITY.