Postdoctoral Scholars Program

As of January 31, 2022, the Chancellor’s Cabinet rescinded the N.C. A&T Postdoctoral Scholars Policy in its entirety.

This change is a critical step toward compliance with the UNC System Office’s classification policies and guidelines, which outlines classification requirements and our institution’s limited delegated authority to create and modify EHRA positions. The UNC System Office’s classification guide provides criteria established by policy and interpretations that are used to determine whether a position may be classified as EHRA IRIT (Instructional, Research & Information Technology). The revised postdoctoral employment process is now managed by the Division of Human Resources in alignment with all other SHRA and EHRA position management to include proper position and compensation analysis. This change will allow the Division of Human Resources to ensure adherence to the UNC System Office’s policies and guidelines used to properly define and approve positions. Postdoctoral positions are classified as EHRA IRIT positions which require that all requests to create or modify these positions must first be reviewed and approved by the UNC System Office before being approved by N.C. A&T Human Resources. The Division of Human Resources continues working with Division of Research and Economic Development (DORED) through this transition. This is a change is a tedious that will require joint accountability and cooperation from faculty, staff, and administrators. Additional detailed information and resources are forthcoming to include a memo of the changes, FAQs, and supplementary updates to our website. All requests to create or modify a postdoctoral position must be submitted through PeopleAdmin. The department must provide a thorough and detailed jobs description and current, properly formatted organizational chart. Modifications to a postdoctoral position must include a justification and details regarding the nature of the change. In addition, recruitment of postdoctoral scholars must

For questions regarding the changes to the postdoctoral scholars program, please contact the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.

Important Note: H1B sponsorship through the University must be for EPA full-time employment for a minimum of one year, and should be requested at least 6 months prior to the desired start date. Please keep this in mind when establishing the first work day for a postdoctoral scholar; requests submitted that do not allow ample processing time are not guaranteed to be approved by the projected start date (only applicable, if H1B classification is requested for employment authorization). Please contact the Director of Human Resources for Academic Affairs in the Division of Human Resources at 336-285-3773 to discuss the appropriate employment category options for prospective foreign national postdoctoral scholars.


Discontinuation of Employment

Postdocs are subject to the appointment and discontinuation policies for EPA Non-Faculty Professional(Research and Teaching) positions defined in Section 2.E.3 of the Employment Policies for EPA Non-Faculty Employees. Hiring departments must consult with the University’s Director of Employee Relations/Affirmative Action Officer within the Division of Human Resources to determine the best method for discontinuation of employment with regard to the postdoc appointment prior to providing any type of discontinuation notification to the postdoc employee.

Postdoctoral Program Forms and Templates: