Conflict of Interest Process

Per the University’s Policy on Conflict of Interest (COI) and Commitment, all employees must submit the conflict of interest/commitment form(s) at least once annually or as often as needed, in a given year, as circumstances dictate. Therefore, we are requesting that the manager ensure all employees (EHRA faculty, EHRA non-faculty and SHRA) in your area, comply by submitting the appropriate form(s) to you and subsequently to the Division of Human Resources. We should remind you that individuals seeking secondary employment, should first complete a Request for Approval of Secondary Employment to ensure that no conflict exist.

It is critical that each employee use the step-by-step Instructions for the Data Survey Forms and COI Agreements to complete the process. Forms that are completed incorrectly will NOT be accepted and the employee will be required to repeat the process. After accessing the instructions, employees should begin the process by clicking the appropriate data survey form below. (If you are not certain which form to complete, please check with your immediate supervisor.)

The COI form(s) and the Request for Approval of Secondary Employment are located at the following links:

Please keep in mind that the University must adhere to the “Conflict of Interest Policy” as required by the University of North Carolina Systems Office and Federal agencies that we engage in research through grants and contracts.