Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of the University, that employees avoid conflicts of interest that have the potential to adversely affect the University’s interest, to compromise objectively in carrying out University responsibilities, or otherwise to compromise the performance of University responsibilities. Resultantly, such outside activities and financial interests must be coordinated through the appropriate supervisor and/or Provost or Vice Chancellor and monitored to avoid conflict with primary obligation owed to the University.

 The term "conflict of interest" refers to situations in which personal and/or financial considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising an employee’s judgment in exercising University obligations, responsibilities and duties. An employee may be considered to have a conflict of interest when he or she or any of the person’s family possesses a significant financial interest in an activity that involves his or her responsibilities as a University employee. In order to comply with the University Policy on Conflicts of Interest, employees are to complete annually the conflict of interest form. Forms are available on the web site for your convenience or you may obtain a copy from the Division of Human Resources.