Leaving University Employment

  • If you are leaving university employment, you will be asked to complete an online exit interview. To continue to make the university a desirable place to work, you are encouraged to give honest and thoughtful answers to the exit interview questions. If you wish to have an in-person exit interview, you may do so by contacting a benefits representative at 336-334-7862.

  • If you plan to leave the University, please make every effort to give your supervisor a written notice of resignation at least two (2) weeks prior to your last day of work. You should also schedule an appointment with the Benefits Office to review your options regarding your health, medical, and other University benefits. If you are transferring to another state agency, you should make the Benefits Office aware of the transfer to ensure proper transfer of leave balances. Except for retirements and transfers, the last day you work, or the last day of the month if your last day worked is the last working day in the month, is considered the date of separation.

  • An SHRA employee who is absent from work for three (3) consecutive workdays without notifying your supervisor is considered a voluntary resignation without notice. Therefore, it is vital that you notify your supervisor should you need to miss work prior to, or at the beginning of, your workday.

  • An employee may pursue a transfer for promotional opportunities whenever posted opportunities would provide a chance to grow personally or professionally. An SHRA employee receives priority consideration for promotional opportunities when "substantially equal" to any external candidate being considered. Supervisors are expected to select from among the most qualified candidates
  • You are also encouraged to strengthen your knowledge and work skills to prepare for higher-level positions when opportunities arise. Employees can be laterally transferred within their department to positions that are classified the same as their currently held position. Employees are encouraged to discuss these lateral transfers with their supervisor when a position becomes available.
  • Open positions are listed on the University website: https://jobs.ncat.edu/