Manager Development Program (MDP)

University leadership recognizes the need to further develop and support middle managers at A&T. The Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE) launched a comprehensive initiative to better align managers with N.C. A&T’s Preeminence Mission, Vision and Values and provide them with the confidence and resources to lead their teams with excellence.

The Manager Development Program was developed to support all managers at A&T in their leadership role.  As a middle-level leader, you face many challenges as well as responsibilities.  Middle managers are the bridge between senior leadership and the various administrative units that support the success of the institution.  As the bridge, you are responsible for implementing on a day-to-day basis strategic objectives directly linked to institutional goals and align competing demands between direct reports and strategic objectives. MDP is a robust and transformative experience that includes three mandatory symposia and an optional newly created AggiesLEAD MDI Digital Badge.  All non-academic managers who have at least one full-time direct report will attend the symposia. 

Mandatory Fall Symposium – How do I lead myself? – December 2019
The fall symposium is an innovative way to create a community of collaboration and support, present institutional changes in policies and procedures, as well as explore innovative tools and research that best meet the unique challenges of middle managers.  This full day symposium will cover the following topics: 

  • Connecting MDI to University Core Values
  • Components of a Good Manager
  • Overview of University Policies
  • Impact of Effective On-boarding
  • The Art of Effective Employee Relations​
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Mandatory Spring Symposium – How do I lead (with) Others? – January 2020
We continue the learning and alignment with the spring symposium, taking a deeper dive in the university core values.  The How Do I Lead (with) Others? session will focus on connecting to the university core values (Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity, Inclusiveness and Learning); align managers with current performance appraisal processes, policies and procedures; build awareness of the employee engagement survey; build upon our diversity and inclusion conversations and engage in the Leadership Trust Building® WorkOut.

The intent of the Leadership Trust Building® WorkOut is to provide answers and solutions to why trust is critical to leadership effectiveness and success. We will explore:

  • Why trust in Leadership is nonnegotiable—the business case for trust
         • Why leaders turn to trust building
         • The challenges of building trust
         • The Reina Dimensions of Trust: The Three Cs®
         • Administer the Reina Leadership Trust Scale®
         • What it takes to sustain trust

Mandatory Leadership Development Symposium (Coming in March 2020) – How do I lead the organization?
This symposium is a co-designed leadership development skill building program in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL ®).  This full day will be offered in March and will focus on cultivating shared leadership, leadership identity, communication and developing into more effective leaders of the future.  Building a more collaborative community.  What does it take?

MDI AggiesLEAD Digital Badge (Ongoing)
Established for optional extended learning and a credentialing system that includes additional program in the CLOE course catalog and online learning. Managers who earn the MDP Digital Badge represent a set of competencies and knowledge demonstrated by staff of the future.

Our excellence has no boundaries. 

For more information please contact Janet Carlson, Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE)