Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) EHRA

Law Enforcement Officer (EHRA) Conversion

The General Assembly enacted an exemption for commissioned police officers of the University from most provisions of the North Carolina Human Resources Act (S.L. 2020- 56 Section 7) which permits the University to classify these employees and their positions as EHRA non-faculty. However, given the unique nature of law enforcement work and the highly competitive labor market for commissioned law enforcement officers, there are certain aspects of the State’s SHRA human resources program that are necessary to continue to apply to, and be reflected in, the University’s human resources practices for this limited population of employees. This includes longevity pay, holiday and on-call pay, and access to certain disciplinary procedures and grievance rights afforded career status State employees. This resolution permits the president to continue to utilize selected SHRA human resources policies or implement their substantial equivalents for commissioned police officers of the University while classified as EHRA non-faculty employees.

 All UNC System law enforcement officers will transition to a special EHRA campus police officer status by June 30, 2023. Each campus will determine its specific transition date.

SHRA-EHRA Comparison Chart

Law Enforcement Officer Classification and Salary Structure January 2023 

EHRA LEO Infographic 

Regulation of Campus Law Enforcement Officers