Service Contracts

A service or maintenance contract is initiated by completing the Annual Maintenance Agreement Inventory Form.


Most equipment generally require some service to continue in operating condition. Funds are not available, however, to maintain all equipment owned by the University. The University has been operating under a limited number of service agreements. The cost of service contracts on equipment must be borne by the using department. The following areas have been covered in the past:

  • Machines located in Instructional Laboratories
  • Accounting machines used in Fiscal Accounting
  • Typewriters
  • University owned copiers
  • Mimeograph and duplicating equipment
  • Cash Registers
  • Computer Equipment

Parts and supplies are usually not covered in the service contract, but the savings on service calls and labor changes would normally justify this lump sum payment.

Requests for Maintenance

Requests for maintenance are not usually covered under a maintenance agreement, and a separate confirming purchase request must be issued and submitted to the Procurement Services Office for charges not covered on the contract. Service contracts are automatically renewed upon request by the department after budget approval is received.

Once equipment is covered on a maintenance contract, service may be requested by the using department directly from the manufacturer or service agency. However, the Procurement Services Office should be contacted prior to this if there is any doubt as to whether the equipment is covered.

Service contracts of an unusual nature are handled on an individual basis through the Procurement Services Office.