Printing requests (for public view) should have a completed information service form attached to the purchase request. This form can be obtained from the Public Information/University Relations Office. Approval of the form is also granted thru this office. The Procurement Services Office, following the University's policy, will solicit quotations from at least three printing vendors for any printing costs exceeding $2,500.00. Competition must be solicited and all transactions should be documented.

State regulations require the submission of all printing jobs in excess of $100,000.00 to the N C Division of Purchase and Contracts for acquisition. Request for quotations for jobs of $2,500.00- $100,000.00 will be processed in the Procurement Services Office. Printing jobs of $2,500.00 or less may be acquired through the normal purchasing procedures. (Printing jobs involving 4-color process printing must be approved by the N C Division of Purchase and Contracts regardless of the dollar amount.) Re-prints may be approved in the Procurement Services Office for amounts up to $5,000.00.

Written printing specifications and samples must be attached to your requests for all jobs of $2,500 or more.