Purchase and Rental of Office Machines

Annual Contracts

The State enters into annual contracts for the purchase of most office machines. The types of machines covered by the contracts are; computers, typewriters, calculators and dictating machines. Request for machines other than those available from contract require special approval. If a desired machine is not on contract, you will be furnished with a machine Justification questionnaire for completion. The questionnaire is then returned to the Procurement Services Office along with the purchase request.


If the purchase of a new machine is to replace an older one, the description of the old machine should be listed on the request, including the model number, serial number and the A&T inventory number. The old machine will be traded in, placed in surplus for issuance to another department or sold. The Procurement Services Office will arrange for any trade-ins.


Most copiers are offered through a purchase term contract. Request for the purchase of copiers are to be submitted on the regular purchase request form. The request should give the preferred model desired as well as a brief justification for the need of the copier. Every effort will be made to obtain the copier that best meets the needs of the requesting department, keeping in mind the cost per copy, service available, and the quality of the copy document. Request for rental copiers requires approval by the State Purchase and Contract Division. Each request must have sufficient justification for proper evaluation of the need.