Computer Locking Systems

Any University department/office purchasing personal computers must also purchase a security locking system for each unit ordered. The type of device selected and payment is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. These devices are used as a means to enhance existing security measures.

The minimum requirements are: 

  • The locking system should provide a quickly assembled, strong form of protection for the CPU case and the monitor.
  • The locking system should attach to the CPU case, the monitor, other peripherals and the desk or workstation.
  • Attachment to the desk or workstation should be made to its underside or side panel, so as not to mark the furniture finish.  

The locking system should contain some of the following: 

  • Vinyl coated steel cable 3/16 inch diameter and at least 3 feet long.
  • A case hardened padlock with one inch to one and a fourth (1 1/4) inch shackle.
  • Security plates and adhesive.
  • Screw on brackets that attach to existing screw holes on the CPU case.
  • Slot brackets for Macintosh computers that attach through the existing security slot.
  • Expansion slot brackets for IBM compatibles.  

The University Procurement Services Office and the Computing and Information Technology Offices will screen all requests for personal computers to ensure that security locking systems are included. Requests that do not contain these systems will be returned to the purchaser with a list of the recommended locking system vendors.