Transfer of Equipment from Campus


Equipment which has been purchased with university administered, State or Trust Funds belongs to the State of North Carolina. Equipment bought with Federal grant funds become State property when title passes to the University. A University employee, upon leaving the University, may not take State or Federally owned equipment to a new place of employment without obtaining advance approvals.

Transfers Outside the University System

Transfers outside of the University System must be supported by approvals from the department head, the dean, and the office of Research Administration (if the equipment was originally purchased in whole or in part with Contract or Grant funds). Except for equipment originally purchased with Federal funds, reimbursement will be required from the receiving institution or organization.

Federal Agency

In addition to the foregoing approvals for transfers outside the University of North Carolina system, the Office of State Purchase and Contracts also requires approval from, the Federal agency which originally provided funds for the equipment involved and which is continuing sponsorship of the research project at the receiving institution. The agency request should be addressed to the University Director of Property Management and must attest to the relevancy and necessity of the equipment .transfer for continuing research.

Transfer of Federally-Owned Equipment

Prior Approval

If equipment is still owned and controlled by a Federal agency, such equipment may be transferred with the concurrence of the appropriate department head, the dean, the Office of Contracts and Grants, the Office of Research Administration, the Procurement Services Office, and approval of the Federal Agency.

Approval is not required from the office of State Purchase and Contract.

Lead Time

When a transfer of property outside the University of North Carolina System is contemplated, the associated request should be initiated as soon as possible, and not later than 60 days prior to the planned transfer or shipment date of the equipment. A request for transfer of equipment within the system, should be initiated within 30 days prior to the planned transfer or shipment date.

All transfer requests must contain a description of the contemplated equipment to be transferred with a list including:

  • A description of the equipment along with the manufacturer's name, model and serial number;
  • The A&T Inventory Control number;
  • The source of funds used to acquire the property;
  • The acquisition date;
  • The reimbursement amount (if any).

General purpose equipment, such as desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, office-type calculators, typewriters, lamps, bookcases, reproduction equipment and similar items will generally not be transferred.

Shipping Charges

Unless special arrangements are made with the sponsoring agency, all shipping costs are to be born by the receiving institution. Copies of the shipping documents will be forwarded to the appropriate equipment control section at the receiving institution.