Minor Construction-Building Repair and Alterations


Almost all minor construction, building repair and alteration are handled through the Physical Plant Department. Since the University requires that any physical changes to buildings be approved by the Director of Physical Plant, it is necessary for Physical Plant personnel to perform the actual work or, if funds are available, to be contracted to commercial companies and supervise the work in progress.

Request for services in this category should be sent directly to the Physical Plant for an estimate of the cost and a time estimate for commencing and completing the work. Detailed specifications should accompany the request for the estimate.

Purchase Request

If it is determined that the department shall absorb the cost involved, an estimate is made and returned to the department. If the department desires to proceed with the work after receiving the estimate, a purchase request is sent to Department along with the specifications. A purchase order will be issued to the Physical Plant/or selected vendor for the work.

Purchase Request Not Necessary

There are occasions in which there is no charge for repair and alteration under certain circumstances. In these cases, it is not necessary to submit a purchase request; the request may be made directly to the Director of the Physical Plant.